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Escape Life
Live Your Dream

Your Exclusive & Private Sailing Experience

What is the “Exclusive Sail & Dream Sailing Experience”?

It is the total Chillout Experience for your Mind, your Body and your Soul.
Whether a vacation or a break from the hectic daily life we are caught into, there is nothing more refreshing, energizing, and vivid than to feel the sense of complete freedom and the excitement of sailing in the open sea with the glorious sun, from Coast to Island, and from Island to a gorgeous Bay! The feeling of salty fresh breeze on the skin and sailing with a wonderful gathered crew that are all in the same aim and with the extreme desire of sailing, exploring, discovering, dreaming, and enjoying completely the freedom in the open sea through sailing!

Who can or should join
Sail & Dream ?

Anyone who is declared to celebrate freedom! It could be anyone who feels overstressed in the daily routine lifestyle and who became as a result somehow burnt out. It is for the free thinkers, explorers, cosmopolitans, everyday refugees, bonvivants, gourmands and so on. It is for the ones that did not find themselves here or in real life so far…

What is so unique about Sail & Dream ?

It is our individual, customer-centered revolutionary concept as follows:

What can I do on a Sail & Dream trip?

Many Newbies take a book to read, a laptop or anything like that with them, because they think it would be essential to be occupied with something on their vacation. That is true to some extent- that on a sailing vacation trip there is lots of free time and relaxation, and in this case most people think and feel that they need to do something “productive”. That is definitely a thought error

Who we are & what we say about us

Sail & Dream is Your Exclusive Sailing Experience Agency, founded and led by Nikolai who created this concept after more than 10 years of working for various sailing agencies in all relevant sailing areas around the world.

How were the previous trips?

See which iternary we went and will go.
And which music we hear.
Read, see and feel how we felt on previous trips….

What our guests say about us

What do I see with Sail and Dream

What’s the price?

You can book your flight independently, or we can also guide and assist you.

Common costs for provisioning, fuel, marina fees and dinner offshore are paid by each crew member into the board cash (=”kitty”) and is around 200-400€ – depending on country, boat type, amount of crew members and the season. After old tradition the Skipper does not have to pay into the board cash.

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